Software for Schools

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What does Locker Solutions Software offer schools with existing lockers?

For schools with existing lockers we offer Lockers Solutions Software.  Locker Solutions Software is the first and only software in South Africa available that removes the hassle and cost of managing lockers for admin staff.

It simplifies the yearly administration associated with the booking and renewal of lockers.

  • Management Software

    Locker Solutions will manage administration, payment and renewal of lockers

  • Service Focused

    Locker Solutions Software is a “service focussed solution” to managing the school lockers

  • Reporting

    Stay informed with reports generated easily

  • No more hassle

    It is a proven system which reduces staff time managing lockers

  • Cloud Based

    Locker Solutions are an internet based software that is optimized for mobile device use

  • Easy look-up

    Filter data by student name, grade, locker number, etc

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