For Schools

What does Locker Solutions offer the school?

Locker Solutions is an outsourced solution to installing, managing and maintaining lockers at your school.  We take the administrative burden of managing an initiative like this, leaving you to focus on your school, the parents and kids.
We do everything!  We install the lockers.  We rent the lockers out to the parents and kids.  We maintain the lockers.  If a key is lost or a locker is broken, it is never your problem.

Locker Solutions handle everything.
  • We Manage

    Locker Solutions will manage all installation, administration
    and maintenance of the lockers.

  • Key Contact

    Locker Solutions will be the contact for all communication, inquiries and issues with the parents alleviating that administrative burden off the school.

  • Service Focused

    Locker Solutions is a “service focussed solution” to managing the school lockers.

  • Installation of Lockers

    Locker Solutions will install the agreed number of lockers at the school.

  • Regular Inspection

    Locker Solutions will inspect at regular intervals to ensure the lockers look neat and well maintained (once a quarter ).

  • In case of Emergency

    Locker Solutions will provide the school with a bolt cutter and 10 loan locks in case of a lost or forgotten key emergency.

  • Locker Options

    Locker Solutions offer a range of locker options:

    – A regular locker (2 door top and bottom unit).
    – A sport locker, which allows large cricket or hockey bags to fit in with a lunch bag and books (1 door unit).

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