Advantages for Schools

Advantages of using Locker Solutions?

  • Cost

    No cost to the school.

  • No Maintenance or Admin

    Alleviates the administrative and maintenance burden from the staff at the school to manage this service in-house.

  • No Financial Burden

    Removes the financial burden of the school of having to install and maintain lockers.

  • Donation

    10% of the net profit of lockers rented out at the school to be received as an donation.

  • Ease of Weight

    Ease of weight of the children’s backs and necks as they can store their books and other goods in the lockers.

  • Don't need to overload

    Save parents money in the long run as fewer sports bags and school suitcases need to be purchased at the end of a school year due to bags being overloaded.

  • Responsibility

    Encourages kids to take responsibility for their belongings as well as teaching them time management and planning.

  • Safety

    Keep your belonging safe at school.

What does Locker Solutions need from the School?

All we need from the school is 45cm of the school corridor depth where the lockers will be placed. The length of space needed will depend on how many lockers the school would like. That is it! Just a small little space where we can install the lockers. Nothing else…

What is the cost to the school?

Zero.  In fact, it is important for Locker Solutions to plough back into the schools.  That is why we will donate 10% of the net profit of lockers that were rented out at your school.  We pay this out annually at the end of each year.

BOOK lockers for my school now!

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